Personal Goals Achievement Coaching

Do you desire to reach your goal, but lack confidence? Are you unsure about what step to take first?

Register for PGA our “Personal Goals Achievement” coaching.

PGA is a coaching program that will help you define your long-term and short-term goals for your life and your career.

PGA will help you set clear and valuable goals. It provides you will the tools you need to walk out your goals with confidence and a powerful mindset. PGA helps you reach your goal easily and quickly.


Week 1

Self Assessment & Defining Main Goals

Week 2

Goals Setting & Activities Planning

Week 3

Breakdown Goals and Activities Planning

Week 4

Goals Execution & Feedback

Hello, I’m Chantrea Sngoun

I am an internationally known author, and a Certified Life Coach under the leadership of Ravens Hope International, located in the USA.

My life purpose is to inspire and empower people to live their best life.


What Our Clients Say

“For those who struggle with day to day life, curious about the future hold, and don’t know what to do in life, “Life Coaching” is highly recommended.

Living life full of distractions requires a lot of strong commitment and life goals, and figure out the purpose of life will be helpful to achieve those goals.

Personally, taking “Life Coaching” is much helpful. With my personal coach Ms. Chantrea and her guidance, I can figure out what I often overlook, and found out what I actually want in life. In addition, the course itself made me create the right life goal that aligned with my life purpose.” – KL


“I got a lot of things from Personal Goals Achievement Coaching. Coach shared a lot of new things that I never experienced as well as help me find out my real goal both in my professional and personal life.

A clear goal that can be done and measurable. She also demonstrated to me how to make an effective action plan and financial preparation following my age and goals.” – Thona

“I feel motivated and inspired by my personal coach. She is a good listener and an empowering lady as I never know. I get to know myself more than before after went through the course
with her.

The course made me got to know my purpose of life, why I stand here and how can I design my life to be better or life that I really want.” – Chanmony