What can do you during a lockdown?

What can do you during a lockdown?

What should you do during a lockdown? As we all know that during lockdown we spend all our time every day just at home so it must be difficult for most of us who do not get used to it. Most of us would feel worried, feeling anxious about the future because of the current situation with Covid 19.

I know that it’s a difficult time for everyone but instead of spending our time worrying about it, we can focus on what we should do during this time that we can improve ourselves and feel better.

1. Meditation
Meditation helps us to feel more release and reduce our anxiety. To do meditation is very simple. You just need to find a quiet place like your bedroom and breath in and out deeply. Please remember that each time when you breathe in and out you must fully focus on your breath. You should spend about 3 to 5mn every morning or before you go to bed. It is also recommended to do it whenever you feel stress.

2. Rearrange your schedule
Do not allow your circumstances to control your time. You need to create a new schedule and fit with your current situation. For example, you need to set a specific time to go to bed and wake up even though you always stay at home. Each day it is important to take shower and change your sleeping clothes so that you can switch your mood into a working mood. Instead of hanging out with friends outside, now you can pick up your reading and spend more time with your family. It will be difficult at first but when you try to do it for a while it will become your new routine.

3. Pick up your old hobby
What are the things that you used to like doing but you stop doing it because of lack of time? What was your childhood hobby? Maybe now is the time that you can start spending time do it again. When I was young I like to crochet scarves and shirts so now it’s the time that I can get back to it and make some cute stuff for my family and friends. Spending time on these things will bring back good memories and reward me with something new.

4. Learn new skills
This is a good time for you to learn new things, the things that you used to wanted to know like cooking your favorite food, learn to draw, learn about photography, etc. It doesn’t have to be a major skill it can be anything small things that you wish to learn. Just spend 20mn -30 mn each day on it and you can obtain a new skill in 30days.

5. Reorganise your space
Reorganizing your space like your bedroom is a good way to give you a new feeling about your surrounding. What I’ve learned from reorganizing my room was to take out things that I don’t use and keep only stuffs that I need. It helps tidy up my bedroom space and I could feel more relaxing in a bigger space. There are so many things in our room that we do not use or need. Now it’s time to put away all of it. You can also rearrange some items’ location in your room like your bed, working desk or your books shelf. Not only you will get a new bedroom but it also a good exercise for you.

Is there anything else you recommend doing during this lockdown? Comment your answer below!

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