5 Things To Do To Live Your Best Life

5 things to do to live your best life

We all have our own life journey and in this journey, we’ve made many mistakes. However, most important of all is that we’ve learned and grown from our mistakes. These the 5 important lessons that I think we need to do to live independently, be our own boss, and live a life that we want it to be. It’s the lessons that I want to tell my younger self as well.

Lesson 01: Saving
When you first can make an income, the first thing you want to spend on the things that you want. Especially, for people who work for a company they didn’t think much about saving because they think that they can save when they get their next salary or when they can get a higher salary. From my own experience, I spent most of my salary buying things that I want so I have little in my saving. When I looked back even though now I don’t have any problem with finance, I know that I could get more benefit from my saving if I have saved more than this.
Therefore, no matter how much you can earn each month the first thing you need to do is keep 10% of it before you spend on anything for yourself as saving for your long-term investment.

Lesson 02: Have long-term and short-term goals
Indeed, we can not know what’s going to happen in the future and we can’t control what’s going to happen so the best thing we can do now is to set goals for our long-term and short-term goals. Decide what you want for yourself, what your dreams are, and work for it. I have many dreams like traveling the world, getting an art degree from abroad, working as a manager, etc. I can see that because I have all these dreams that I continue to work hard and achieved these dreams one by one. Make the best of your days, have clear goals of what you want, and work hard for it.

Lesson 03: Travel to other countries
You’ll learn about so many things from traveling to other countries. It’ll make you bold, have more confidence in yourself, and learn more about yourself as well. Travel to other countries will make you see the world differently. Through my own traveling experiences it has helped me to have more courage to do the things that I used to afraid of. Make a list of your dream countries and plan the trip now.

Lesson 04: Be happy with yourself
It is very important to learn to be happy with yourself and be ok to do things alone. Like traveling alone, go out to eat alone, and go to see a movie alone, etc. Knowing more about yourself, know about what you want and what your passion is. You will need yourself all the time to walk in this life journey so be ok to do everything with yourself and enjoy it.

Lesson 05: Accept that everything that happened is for you not against you
In life there are many things will happen, good things and bad things. There are some events that we wish would never happen. However, there is time for everything and we can’t force things to happen in our own ways. You might want to do something different than what you are working on now. You might want to be somewhere different than where you are now. Whatever it is, learn to accept it and know that it happened for you for a reason. You need to go through this moment so that you can be where you want to be in the future. Each season has its own fruits, so enjoy each season as it is. You will have more peace and live a happy life in all seasons of your life.

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