Be your own best friend!

We all have our best friends, someone that very close to us. Someone that we like to spend time hanging out with and do things together. This is important! However, what is more important is that you become your own best friend. 

What does it mean to be your own best friend?
1.Be someone that you know how to take care of your mental well being.
2.Be someone that always treat yourself the very best. Spend time to really get to know yourself and be someone that can make yourself happy. 
3.Be someone that purposely do things from yourself. Buy yourself a nice gift, take a trip to somewhere that you always want to go.
4.Be someone that you want to make yourself happy. Dress up nicely for yourself, not to impress anyone.
5.Be someone that loves yourself as who you are.

Don’t give power to others to determine your happiness. Only when we can become our own best friend, then we can become other people’s real best friend as well. Because we are no longer be their friends so that they can do the same to us. We become their best friend because we just want to be their best friend.